Rattanakosin Composites Limited Partnership

Rattanakosin Composites Ltd. -  availability -european quality and experience

Rattankasin Composites, a family owned business, is an independent importer/distributor for high tech textiles, based on Carbon and Aramid (Twaron/Kevlar) fibers, for end-applications in Composites and Defense.


The owner, who has been living and working in Europe for almost 20 years, has build strong personal relationships and business ties with several industrial technical weavers in different parts of Europe. This has been the basis to start up Rattanakosin Composites and to create the opportunity for small and medium sized enterprises in Thailand to purchase, from our warehouse in Bangkok, small quantities of carbon, aramid and hybrid fabrics. 


A standard assortment of these scarecely available products are sold in full rolls only. Larger orders and products that are not kept in stock can be ordered and delivered within 6 to 9 weeks.


Innovation, quality and long-term customer relationships are some of our important objectives and are highly valued by end users and customers alike.



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